Board Services

Accelerate your talent acquisition.

There is no more powerful combination — or one more fundamental to the success of any enterprise — than the successful partnership of the CEO and a strong, independent board that can provide oversight and serve as both advisor and strategic arsenal.

At Ventura Partners, we view the job of building a board as more than just filling slots. It is about finding leaders who have the right blend of skill sets, expertise, industry and community connections as well as spheres of influence across the board.

Our work with clients is based upon our understanding of the vital importance of diversity of thought on boards and experience-based best practices. Our consultants have acted as trusted advisors to senior leaders at companies, and have served as sitting members of boards with first-hand knowledge of the intricacies in functioning boardrooms.

Over decades of experience with board recruitment, our firm can help your board improve its effectiveness and performance in the following areas:


Consulting on director and executive compensation

Succession Planning

Talent Benchmarking