Differentiated service

Accelerate your talent acquisition

About Ventura Partners


Our managing partners spent over 100+ years combined working inside the world’s largest executive search firms.  When we started, listening to clients describe their problems and their aspirations was the foundation of our work.  We were taught to listen, to probe, to help define, and to enlighten, creating a pathway with our experience and guiding our clients as we accessed the market for world-class talent on their behalf. Solving those problems and helping achieve those aspirations by recruiting the best of the best for our clients was our mission – our singular focus – and the basis of our partnership with those we served.

In the last 20 years, executive search firms, in the rush to drive revenue, have defaulted on the interest of partnership.  These arms-length service providers, their senior consultants little more than salespeople, pitch a grab bag of “solutions” designed to solve your problems before you can even describe them.  Small and mid-size companies get less and less attention as senior consultants, in the rush to sell bigger and bigger deals, hand off critical projects to junior consultants.  Without the benefit of experience and insight, searches take longer and come to disappointing ends.

At Ventura Partners, we have a passion for our work. We listen, we probe, we help you define your needs and goals, and we do our best to enlighten and consult, sharing our knowledge and guiding you every step of the way as we access the market for world-class talent. We are a highly specialized firm, offering a small number of targeted services into a specific clientele. When we enter into a relationship, we are fully committed and you have our full attention. We are your partners, and you are our purpose.

Leadership Focus

“Everything to everybody” is not our game. We recruit mission-critical leaders across the upper tier of our clients’ organizations: Board Members, Chief Executive and Operating Officers, Chief Financial Officers, Chief Marketing Officers, CHROs, and commercial leaders in select industries and environments.

Best-in-class knowledge management

By being completely focused, we’re able to maintain a knowledge management environment that is best-in-class. Our searches are shorter because when we start, our commitment to knowledge management means we’re much farther along with candidates than our competitors so we can move you to interviews and a final placement more quickly and at a higher level of quality.

Metadata, made easy

Information is everywhere today. Managing it, leveraging it, evaluating it, distilling it – we strip out the noise and provide you with a clean evaluation allowing you to quickly differentiate between outstanding candidates and make the best decision for your organization.

Controlled capacity

We carry a limited number of projects at any given time ensuring that your project will receive far more attention in our hands. Once engaged, you aren’t one of a dozen “priorities”, you are our Priority.

Exceptional process

Our tools, reports, and processes are all designed with speed and comprehensive market coverage in mind.