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Creating a Culture of Collaboration, by Scott A. Scanlon, Editor-in-Chief, Hunt Scanlon Media

Ventura Partners’ Founder Julie Ford, along with Robert Damon (Bob Damon), were interviewed by Hunt Scanlon on the topic of how the emergence and evolution of LinkedIn has compelled a new model in the recruiting industry. LinkedIn has made the recruiter’s once sacrosanct golden Rolodex virtually obsolete — and no longer a key networking differentiator. The result is widening demand for a ‘culture of collaboration’ among recruiting partners and between search firms and clients.

Creating a Culture of Collaboration

Oddly enough, LinkedIn has been embraced by search firms even as it threatens them. The dirty little secret in the search business is that LinkedIn has made most proprietary databases somewhat redundant. But while LinkedIn has disintermediated and demystified initial candidate identification, it has also accelerated the recruitment process.